The Alpine A110 to stop by the hill at Goodwood (video)

One of the most anticipated sporting for the last few years comes from a French brand and no, we’re not talking about the Bugatti Chiron. We talk about the Alpine A110, which, under the power of Renault, has come back to life to win back the hearts of the more purists, as it did in the 60’s. This Alpine A110 was presented as a concept and unveiled officially as a production car in March, at the Geneva motor show, although we had seen this in motion until today.

As you already know, yesterday was the inauguration of the Festival of Speed Goodwood. It is one of the most special in the world of the engine, as it is cited hundreds of vehicles, both classic and current, whether cars or motorbikes, to run for hundreds of metres paved in the estate of Goodwood House, England. Brands leverage to make shows, take a “walk around” their classics or to introduce some new features.

The case is that, as you’ve already seen in the top video, a unit of the Alpine A110, in the beautiful blue color that we had in Geneva, has made the ascent on the farm English. The video leaves us to notice the presence of the overfeeding by its sound when accelerating and that it is also a car that not achanta to the demands, as in the first sharp curve left (10 seconds approximately), the pilot leads to somewhat sharp looking slip and the car skids slightly.

we Recall that the Alpine A110 is a car of 4,18 meters of length, which has a weight lower to 1,100 pounds and develops in his 1.8 turbo with a maximum power of 252 HP. Is associated with a gearbox DCT 7-speed. The French firm has managed to develop a car that does not have nothing to envy to a Porsche Cayman or an Alfa Romeo 4C. Have a few months to reach the market, but a lot of us fear that will exceed 60,000 euros.

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