The Alpine A120 lets see its specific seats before it is displayed in Geneva

Asientos del Alpine A120

Geneva motor show is the most important event of the year in terms of new products the engine for the european market is concerned. One of the main new features that we’ll meet will be the rebirth of Alpine with the Alpine A120. A sport that for years we have been waiting for and that we are eager to “cast the gauntlet”. There will be revealed, although already we have been able to see part of his technique through various teasers.

just a few days Ago we saw, by a teaser, the design and operation of parties are so important on this vehicle as are the flat bottom and diffuser. We had previously known of its chassis and bodywork, which are manufactured mostly in aluminum to minimize your weight. Also thinking about the lightness they have developed their seats, which we see in the images of this new teaser.

Renault Alpine Vision Concept

Alpine says that these seats weigh only 13,1 kg each one and, even so, they promise a high degree of comfort and lateral support for driver and front passenger will not have to suffer with the forces G sides in curves at high speed. Designed in a single piece, the French brand that belongs to Renault tells us that they are up to 50% lighter in weight compared with seats offered by other direct competitors.

Alpine has also commented that his athletic future will be able to stop the clock in just 4.5 seconds when acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h, figures next to supercars with a price of six digits. Mechanically recurred to a propellant 1.8 located in a central position, from which we expect an output of between 250 and 300 HP. And as we have spoken of prices, although still unconfirmed, we hope that the French model could be bought after shelling out a few to 55,000 or 60,000 euros approximately. Hopefully the wait until the next Geneva motor show is short and also its implementation to the market.

Asientos del Alpine A120