The Alpine AS1 will be revealed on the 16th of February


The Alpine AS1 production will be unveiled in the mid of the month that comes

Alpine passes us the next day February 16, 2016 will return to the load. Within about six weeks we will know finally the sports production derived from the prototype Alpine AS1 (vehicle that illustrates the article), a worthy successor of the mythical Alpine A110 revealed a couple of days after valentine’s Day do you Have something to see?

The new Alpine will arrive on the 16th of February

The announcement took place on the 31st day of December on its official Twitter account, it seems that Pagani was not the only one to release a major bomb via social networks hours before the chimes of the old night.

Externally, we have to rely on the latest prototype presented by Renault and Alpine, which match the designs that are filtered by the patent office. The sport has gone through our section of spy photos in formats of video and images but always hidden under the body of a Lotus Elise to pick up the juvenile suspect possible.


In the patent office we saw his final design

The characteristics of this sport will be a mid-engine rear, propulsion, attractive design and light weight. According to the information that we get will mount a four-cylinder engine Tce of 1.8 liters displacement, an engine that will be offered in several output powers of between 250 to 300 HP. The transmission may be a manual for the more purists, and automatic double-clutch for versions higher.

All indicate that in your version the less powerful will have a face-to-face with the Alfa Romeo 4C in performance, mechanical, and price. Although in favour of the French there is the opportunity of change the gears with the manual lever for those who want to enjoy a sporty in all its facets.

We kept calling Alpine AS1 but what is certain is that you do not yet have a name defined officially for when the production model. On the 16th of February we hope that all the unknowns are resolved.


A worthy successor to the Alpine A110