The AM-RB 001, a beast created by Aston Martin and Red Bull

Two of the brands that are most bold in their respective fields, Aston
Martin and Red Bull, joined forces a few months ago for the
purpose of creating a supercar without any type of limitation.
Now, both of these brands we have the result: the Aston Martin AM-RB
001, designed by Adrian Newey, Marek Reichman, and David King.

The Aston Martin account with figures of dream, but not only that.
Your line is half way between a concept car and a prototype of
competition, bringing together the experience of Aston Martin in the world of
production with own solutions of Red Bull Technologies
, the
company that designs and manufactures the Formula 1 cars Network
Bull Racing.

With a carbon-fibre chassis studied to be lightweight and
aerodynamically perfect, the Aston Martin has a motor
central V12 maximum power that flirteará with 1,000 horses
and, therefore, with a ratio of power-to-weight close to the
1:1. But not only power and light live AM-RB 001, as
account multiple solutions with aerodynamic designed
to use the body as an element of lift that
increase the levels of downforce exponentially and
finished feeding the prominent rear diffuser.

like many of their
data, the price is not yet defined, but the 150 units of
this supercar assembled in the factory in Gaydon will have a
approximate price of 2.5 million euros
. The first deliveries of
the version of street -manufacture of other aimed at the competition-,
will be made in 2019.