The AM-RB-001 will be faster than a Formula 1 current in a circuit: as they purport to achieve this Aston Martin and Red Bull

Yesterday I talked at length to the fantastic project initiated by Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing. The fruit of the union between Adrian Newey and the british manufacturer is the stunning AM-RB 001, which we have already defined as a Formula 1 street. Because it really is, with their axes floating, a multitude of surfaces negative, and an aerodynamics never seen before in a street car. But without a doubt, the thing that has called us the attention is a promise: “will be faster on a track than a Formula 1 current”.

When Adrian Newey has free time, he gets to design cars for the streets that blur the border with the competition.

a statement Is really bold, and from motor we wonder how they intend to achieve it. To put this in context, a Formula 1 current develops around 750-800 BHP of power, using a 1.6 engine V6 turbo with a system of regeneration of energy. These hybrid high-performance have an empty weight of 702 pounds – as a minimum – and with pilot and fuel, approaching a ratio of power-to-weight of a kilo per horse. But a Formula 1 is much more than a weight-to-power stellar.

am-rb-001-2Is a gear train optimized to the millimeter, with a specific tuning for each race, in which are invested hundreds of hours of simulations and the work of dozens of the best engineers in the world. A Formula 1 2015 – specifications nearly identical to the present – da a return to Spa in 1:52.42. The record for a production car in the path belongs to the Koenigsegg One:1, which has signed a time of 2:32.14. Have the same relationship to power-to-weight, but the Swedish is 40 seconds slower.

The challenge of Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing is even greater than that assumed by McLaren and his F1 in the 90’s.

Koenigsegg knows that the power to weight ratio-weight of your hiperdeportivo is worse than that of a Formula 1, as well as its aerodynamics, its grip – not using slicks of competition – and your step-by-curve. And we’re talking about one of the best machines street of the planet. Adrian Newey says that in the configuration of races, the AM-RB-001 will be faster than a Formula 1 current. Only 25 units of competition AM-RB-001 will be made, and some already consider couples with the LMP1 in LeMans, or a Formula 1 bodywork.

How do they expect to be faster than a Formula 1?

In the first place, they need a powerful engine. In EVO echo of this: it will be a V12 engine maximum power of new invoice, developed from scratch and no parts in common with other blocks of the brand. This propeller is connected to a gear box sequential, no turning back. The goal of Adrian Newey is the maximum simplicity and lightness. To reverse it will use an electric motor, which normally give support to the V12. Yes, you will use a kind of KERS directly derived from the Formula 1.

There will not be a single component of steel in the structure of the car. Everything will be carbon fiber of very high quality.

The V12 possibly turn to a regime is very high, as the power of the car should be sufficient to achieve a relative power-to-weight of 1 kg/CV. The target weight of the AM-RB-001 is less than a ton on the road car, with its racing version even more ambitious in their diet. Let us not forget a detail: the AM-RB-001 is a white card for Adrian Newey, which can implement all the technical solutions and experiments that the FIA does not allow to use it in their racing cars.

am-rb-001-4it is Also worth remembering that it is one of the designers and engineers are more successful in the history of Formula 1. The AM-RB-001 will be able to generate a lateral acceleration of up to 4.5 G never seen before in a street car, and will use carbon / carbon brakes – not carbonocerámicos, as we know it – directly derived from Formula 1. Your suspension is still an enigma, although it will be of type pushrod and incredibly sophisticated. At the level of aerodynamics, will have a spoiler sliding rear, but not many more active solutions.

What will change the status quo in the world of supercar such as the McLaren F1 in the early 90’s?

Great part of your performance will be thanks to the amazing bottom of the car, his huge horn, and its contact surfaces aerodynamic around their wheels. We can not forget the tires. May require specific compounds and you must use slicks to obtain the maximum performance on track. It will produce between 99 and 150 units for the street, and only 25 units of races. Deliveries will not begin until 2019, but there are nearly 400 people desperate to be done with a unit of this impressive supercar.