The amazing story of the Corrado Magnum “shooting-brake” that Volkswagen ever sold

do You remember the Volkswagen Corrado? The Corrado was a compact coupe 2+2 seater, that born at the end of the eighties would end up replacing the Volkswagen Scirocco of the time, which coincided a few years in the dealerships. For his concept, today we may well define it as the ancestor nearest to the Volkswagen Scirocco modern. This Volkswagen was based on the platform of the Volkswagen Golf, it had a design very bold, and surprising solutions for a coupe generalist of the time, such as an active rear spoiler. In the background, the Volkswagen Corrado was born initially to be a Porsche. But the car that today we speak about is not a compact coupe either. What you see is a Volkswagen Corrado Magnum Sport Kombi, a prototype even more daring than I was looking for an extra practicality and comfort, transforming a coupe with three doors in a real shooting-brake. The best thing: this prototype is for sale and therefore can be yours.

According pointed from Carscoop, the history of these prototypes (because, in reality, there are two that are for sale) which is amazing. After the launch of the Corrado, Volkswagen commissioned Marold Automobili GmbH the development of a more practical type, shooting-brake, of this coupe. The aim was to launch a limited run, 200 units, in Europe.

The project would receive the code name Magnum, but I would never materialise. So some prototypes, including these two, would be abandoned and turned into silent witnesses of a project that did not go forward.


After leaving the project, Volkswagen would sale, by an amount millionaire that included a license of street, technical documents, sketches, tests in the wind tunnel, schema construction, and even the instrumental to work with them. The amount that Volkswagen asked for was so high that there were no bidders for them, and somehow ended up abandoned in a scrap yard, ready for your destruction.

Until a lover of the Volkswagen Corrado learned of her story, and decided to save the destruction of these two prototypes, Volkswagen Corrado Magnum Sport Kombi. Ahead would still have a long process to get to take them to the united States. The not be approved on the other side of the Atlantic, its owner would try to assert their status of prototypes to move to the united States under the regulations Show and Display. The authorities did not consider it to be a special vehicle – as was the case with many sports who came to the united States without complying with approval, for its historical value or technological – perhaps because in them they saw only a Volkswagen.


Its owner had patience. A lot of patience. And decided to keep these two prototypes in the home of some relatives in the Netherlands, and expect the cars to fulfil their 25th birthday and then it could be imported into the united States by its status as a classic. In 2014, it would appear, finally, to the united States. And now, after all this journey and far from stay with them and enjoy them, its owner has opted to sell 49.995 usd each, more than 44,000 euros, using the services of the dealer of LuxSport.