The ambitious plans of Renault in its return to the Formula 1

Following its recent acquisition of the team Lotus Formula 1, Renault relies on its vast budget to play great in his return to the top category.

Renault retorna a la Fórmula 1 en 2016Tras his announced return to the Formula 1 thanks to the acquisition of the team Lotus, Renault plans are very ambitious to achieve a fight to the two teams most powerful of today: Mercedes and Ferrari.

In a recent interview with the publication Motorsport Cyril Abiteboul, one of the managers of the team stated that Renault gutter with a bulging budget intended for Formula 1, that will allow them to build a winning car. This affirmation before you start the season, it is an indication that Renault is willing to return to the category in a big and not simply to be a team.

Abiteboul considered to have a robust business plan that will allow them to do everything there is to do. Clear that at the same time have a consciousness that does not arise to reach the podium since the beginning, but rather that trace a three-year plan to achieve fight against the teams bigger.

such was the plan presented to Carlos Ghosn, and everyone knows that it is a project that is going to take some time, but at the same time rely on the prestige associated with their participation in the highest category will have results more immediate, which will be reflected in the sales.

The board further finds that a large part of the season 2016 will be a period of transition for the organization, as next year will serve to establish and integrate the structure of the team on the basis of the old team Lotus.