The American video you’ll see today: battle to the death between the Hellcat brothers and the Dodge Viper

The video that we present is a few months, but we wanted to rescue you on this July 4th. And we have told them are the five most important American car history, but now we will be a little hooligans, a little rogue. What we bring is an video battle between the Hellcat brothers – the Dodge Charger and Challenger powerful story – and its cousin the Dodge Viper . A battle full of burnouts, duels and a lot more acceleration of burning rubber than you imagine.

For videos like this, I do not recommend buying a Viper Hellcat or second hand. Take my advice.

Video Contestants could be summarized in two: atmospheric 6.2 V8 Hellcat engine HEMI 707 hp and the brutal 8.4 V10 640 hp Viper . Both engines represent more than any other American excess. The approach to power is achieved by brute displacement in the case of base and supercharge Viper V8 6.2 liter in the case of Hellcat. While the Dodge Viper is a supercar with all the letters, their approach to the competition is very analog, almost anachronistic .

hellcat-batalla This was the first generation of the Viper to equip electronic driving aids, but still a radical machine that can bite its owner if not careful. The Hellcat are pure dynamite on wheels, the result of mounting the most powerful engine ever created by Dodge in a production car, and ride in a four-door sedan and a coupe. They are machines radicals in all aspects , all of them able to overcome and surpass the 300 km / h, and turn rubber into smoke in the blink of an eye.

You will not see more rubber burned anywhere during the day.

it is precisely what they have done the guys at Motor Trend YouTube channel, and its Roadkill program. A program consisting extreme exploit the possibilities of these cars . For example, a battle pitting them against accelerating a quarter mile where cars can not stop burning wheel. Or tying them together to make a battle of burnouts three bands: what will be the car that gets dragged into the other two? Perhaps most excessive you see today.

Another test has been to use motocross circuit for drifting with these three high-flying machines. Yes, you heard right. Of course, the cars do not stand out well and they all must go through paint and body after bobbing Motor Trend. Yet SRT sponsors the Roadkill series of Motor Trend: if we we did something like a press car … it would be the last car brand in question would leave us. I guarantee. In any case, believe me you looking for fun with the video.

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