The announcement of the Audi R8 banned in the Uk

In the United Kingdom are very strict when it comes to qualifying the TV ads, so much so that many have been banned for reasons that do not have the sufficient weight in other countries like ours. Thus the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) just ban an advertisement of the Audi R8 called The Eye in which it is shown in the foreground, las reactions of an eye before driving the supercar German.

According to the ASA, the contractions and dilatations of the human eye to follow the pace of the sound generated by the revolutions of the engine connect directly the speed with emotions behind the wheel. For them this is an irresponsible use of speed as a claim for local authorities this is synonymous with danger.

The Audi defense, belonging to the great Group automobile Volkswagen, has not been made wait. According to them, “The Eye” is intended to to promote the new brakes carbocerámicos of the R8, its engine 5.2-liter V10 and its transmission S-Tronic 7-speed.

The signature is justified by claiming that the eye is generated digitally since this movement is not natural and their reactions reflect the focus and concentration on the road, contrary to what is understood by the ASA. The video shows as the eye always focuses at the road, which is seen through the reflection on the same and ends with the slogan “More Focus. More Drive.” In addition the recording has been made within the legal speed limit on the road.

it is true that it has sufficed with una only complaint on the part of a viewer for the case to be reviewed and as well you already know has finally been banned. do You seem unfair this ban?

In Spain, the Audi R8 is available from the 191.870 € with engine 5.2-liter FSI V10 540 HP wheel drive Quattro and change S-Tronic. The version V10 Plus with 610 HP raises its price until the 214.870 euros.