The ApolloN can be seen in this teaser before Geneva motor show

ApolloN teaserMany will remember the Gumpert Apollo, a supercar German with an approach really radical that was without a doubt one of the fastest few years ago. It has been a while in the do not hear much of Gumpert and this is because recently this company was acquired by Ideal TeamVenture and has been transformed into Apollo Automobile GmbH. Note the name because the new company was preparing something big.

Geneva 2016, which will open its doors in march, has the been the place chosen to present a new model that is destined to be the successor to the Gumpert Apollo. It has been referred to as ApolloN and so far there are few details that are known of him, since we have only been able to view the article in the two teasers that simply hint at their shapes. However, the expectations are very high.

ApolloN teaserThe brand itself has ensured that the new supercar will be “the street car faster on the planet”. In the pictures you can see a front splitter carbon fiber, a large air intake and that your tires multiradio are shod with tires sports Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. Apparently it will not take as the basis of the Gumpert Apollo, but it will be a brand new car.

Still has not said anything of the mechanics that will be used by the ApolloN, but is expected to keep the engine configuration located in center position-rear sending the power to the rear wheels. Another key would be the weight reduction to the maximum. To take references, the latest Gumpert Apollo S weighed in at about 1,100 kg and with the motor V8 of 4.2 liters and 750 HP managed to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2,9 seconds and a top speed of 360 km/h.

Source: Worldcarfans