The assisted parking of the Toyota C-HR video

One of the functionalities that is available in the new Toyota C-HR, the new compact SUV from Toyota, is the advanced system of assistance when parking or Simple Intelligent Park Assist (SIPA).

Thanks to this system, we can significantly minimize the effort in the task of parking, since much of the work is performed by the vehicle by us. This system allows parking both in parallel and battery, although this last option is Toyota called a parking garage.

it Is convenient to note that this is not a stand-alone system but rather assisted, that is to say, it is not the vehicle that does all the work, just helps us with the maneuver, so despite the fact that we must let go of the steering wheel while the vehicle is operating by itself, we must act on the brake and accelerator pedals.


The Toyota C-HR during our first contact

Parking assistance: steps to follow

The maneuvers are very simple, the steps are as easy as intuitive. The first thing you have to do is tell the car that we are looking for a hole to park. To do this press the button once assisted parking that is located on a side of the center console. With one-click advise the hollow to find it online, two if you’re looking for a battery. We must add to this the flashing of the side to which we want to perform the maneuver.

Well, once the C-HR knows what to look for, we ask that we move forward slowly.The system operates thanks to what distance Sensors parking, ultrasound sensors located in the bumper, and the Monitor rear view camera, so that at all times we can see in the screen what happens behind our.

Is the vehicle itself that is responsible for performing the maneuvers,
offering us all the time simple instructions in the own
. As you can see reflected perfectly in the last video
we have made, which includes all the stages of this maneuver