The Aston Martin AM-RB 001 is not available anymore, sold out the 150 units


Only 150 and they are already sold.

Aston Martin confirmed on Twitter the news, the 150 units of the AMRB-001 street already have owner. We have yet to meet most of its data, such as price, power end, or even your date of arrival, but that did not stop more than 450 people seeking one of only 150 copies that will be made of the spectacular sport designed by Adrian Newey.

even Though initially there was talk of a production limited to just 99 units, shortly after Aston confirmed the figures enlarged, in addition to 25 other units of the version not-enrolled, destined only for track and that would have a configuration more radical and better performance.

For the moment, the brand has confirmed that are already depleted units of street, but has not commented on the exemplary track-only.


you will Have two versions, for street or track.

in Parallel, a day ago, the chief designer of the british brand, Marek Reichman, confirmed new details of the model in an interview to the australian press. Revealing details just as interesting as its maximum speed, or the immense amount of g-force that would be able to generate.

According to Reichman, the AMRB-001 will be able to exceed 400 km/h, namely, the figure that I mentioned were 250 miles per hour, about 402 km/h. While its extraordinary aerodynamics will allow you to generate up to 4.5 g of lateral force in curves, figures far above those of any sports conventional.

Its mechanics will definitely be a new V12 maximum power, with a greater angle between the thwarts that the 60th that has the well-known and next to disappear V12 of the brand. The reasons are to reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle to the maximum. This will be associated with a box sequential six-speed Xtrac.


you will Have a power output of around 1000 HP.

Due to their peculiar shapes, you need to mount opening doors vertical or ” gull-operated electrically. Reichman also confirmed that the concept already has 95 percent of the design of the final model, among other things, it will not have rear-view mirrors, but two cameras in the a-pillars.

In terms of the hybrid system that will use the AMRB-001, Marek Reichman stated that it would be a supercapacitador, capable of generating up to about 82 HP additional. The ratio weight/power of the vehicle would be around the pound-for-horse, with about 1,000 CV total is to be expected about 1,000 kilos of weight, the final figures could be revealed as it reaches its date of filing, which is expected to be between 2018 and 2019.