The Aston Martin DB10 James Bond burning wheel … very special

Aston Martin continues depreciating its time with the most famous fictional agent, James Bond. Having created a car to fit 007, the Aston Martin DB10 did not want to lose the opportunity to create a very special video. Aston Martin DB10 burning wheel and leaves its mark on the asphalt with a very special tribute to 007. And as the good, we are happy to know that this DB10 , the car will lead James Bond, still it keeps driving with a manual and three pedals. As it should be …

In motor:

The new car is a spectacular 007 Aston Martin DB10 conceptual

The 007 Aston Martin DB10 reappears in Rome: his beautiful behind, and their sound even more

And that’s how James Bond in his Aston Martin DB10, ignite the Jaguar C-X75 of evil

The Bond, Aston Martin DB10 and C-X75 Jaguar cars in hot pursuit in Rome

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