The Aston Martin DB11 S is in the process of development

by the end of 2018 we will see the new Aston Martin DB11 S version yet, a more sports, coupe, four seats and two doors, which is expected to be around 660 HP. The brand of English origin will provide its latest model, several modifications to increase its effectiveness in circuit, with one of their direct rivals in the crossfire: the Bentley Continental GT Supersports.

The modifications that you will receive the DB11-S is not only will affect the performance of your engine. You will have some optimizations in its key components, such as light-alloy wheels larger to achieve the 20 inches. The suspension will receive a bozo more hard, with which they want to improve their behavior in curves, and the free distance to the floor of the body will be less to lower your point of balance.

Further modifications of the DB11-S in development

In the front will be added air inlets of larger size to cool more efficiently the engine sobrepotenciado. In the rear it will make a difference to the DB11 normal that you can see in the photos, for a new horn of larger size and a spoiler to improve the grip of the rear end at high speeds and in curves.

The DB11 normal has two available engines: the V8 of 4.0 liters and 510 HP and the V12 5.2-liter, 608 HP. For the version DB11 S, has been chosen as the V12 with two turbos, which is expected to add around 50 HP more, thanks to the margin we usually offer the engines supercharged.

In the case of the Aston Martin Vanquis S only increased the power 24 HP with respect to the basic version, while having a maximum torque of the engine of 5.9 liters of displacement. To achieve this, they changed their intake manifold by another of greater capacity, and thus to facilitate the entry of air to the cylinders in order to increase their performance.

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