The Aston Martin DB11 starts off strong, and now totals some 1,400 orders

Aston Martin DB11 vista frontal Aston Martin DB11 was one of the highlights during this Geneva motor show 2016. Your presentation was one of the most anticipated and the expectation created around the new sports Gaydon has been capitalized. Recently launched the online configurator for the creation of this model to the taste of each one, and now we get the first sales data of the vehicle’s most powerful brand.

And are quite revealing, since apparently there are more than 1.400 orders firm for the new Aston Martin DB11. Only a week after its debut, it seems that the sport is destined to become a success in sales. Apparently the first 500 bookings took place in those private events, only for VIP clients, where he was shown the vehicle months before the international filing.

Aston Martin DB11 vista traserathere Were 500 orders for more when it leaked the first images of the DB11, a few days before the official presentation. The 400 following reserve took place during its opening at the Geneva motor show. Thus is reached the sum of 1,400 clients willing to pay the price of this sports, which in Germany is 204.900 euros, in the Uk, 154.900 pounds and in the united States of 211.995 dollars.

we Still do not know the price it will have on our country, or the exact date you will get the first deliveries, but is estimated to be in the last quarter of the year. The Aston Martin DB11 is likely to become a successful model thanks to its new aluminium platform and new levels of luxury and technology. The engine is the powerful V12 biturbo engine of 5.2 liters that develops a power of 608 HP and 700 Nm of torque. Uses the gearbox is automatic eight-speed and traction is on the rear axle; you get the 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and a maximum speed of 322 km/h.

Source – Coach