The Aston Martin DB5 of James Bond can be yours: with gadgets, scale 1/3, and by 40.000€!

Is the most crazy, and perhaps amazing, that you see today. It is a Aston Martin DB5, something which you may have already guessed if you’re a lover of the classics. For more details, this is the Aston Martin 007, something that is not you will be escaped if you’re a fan of the film saga of James Bond. But what you may not expect, I am convinced, is that the a detailed replica of scale 1/3 of the original. That is to say, a specimen with a length of one meter and a half. And even less you would expect what comes next: costs a whopping 28,000 pounds sterling, nearly 40,000 euros to the current change, before taxes. And with all the gadgets, fully functional, the Aston Martin DB5 of James Bond!

Will be a limited run of 100 units, of a collector, with a price before taxes is around € 40,000. A real gem.

This blessed madness, collector’s, will ship in a limited run to only one hundred units. By crazy that is your price, not discards that go to increase. This is the big surprise that Aston Martin had been prepared to coincide with the premiere of the latest James Bond film.

A replica spectacular, not only for its price, and the gadgets that equips, but also by the level of detail reached. According to Aston Martin, have tried to recreate every detail with absolute fidelity to the original from 1964. Even the materials that have been used to recreate the cabin are the original ones that used the DB5. Simply spectacular.

Aston Martin has recreated all the details with the utmost care, using even the original materials in the recreation of the passenger compartment.

Along with the model, its corresponding base (remember, that is more than a meter and a half long, and has a width of 66 inches and a height of 60 centimeters), will be supplied a remote control to manipulate the gadgets. Remote Control that is deployed in a briefcase, very enigmatic, and as Q, the colleague of James Bond, would have conceived.

Among the gadgets available won’t be missing the license plates interchangeable (with a swivel system that allows you to pass a registration uk to Switzerland, or France), functional headlights, machine-guns, deployable on your front, a shield bulletproof in the rear, wheels are motor-driven with speed adjustment, and corresponding key, to avoid that anyone can use it.

Sincerely, Aston Martin, we’ve brightened up the day. Yes, blessed to 40,000 euros that you would have to pay for this car. For if any one will enter the madness, suffice it to say that for that price, or a little more, you will find some Aston Martin DB9 in Europe (and real).

Source: Aston Martin
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