The Aston Martin Vulcan will be able to rotate on the open road

Aston Martin Vulcan Aston Martin Vulcan is the supercar most spectacular of the brand Gaydon. It is a vehicle very exclusive, since only will 24 units and in addition they can only roll in closed circuit. Or so it seemed until the day of today, since RML is working on a kit to get the Vulcan to roll on the open road. This british company will offer it for an unknown price, which is added to the 1.8 million pounds (approximately 2,27 million euros) which costs of series.

customers who choose to ‘register’ your supercar will face a conversion process that will last for about three months and which will focus on several aspects. The work will focus on the security and also in other measures that make it more usable in day-to-day as the height of the body or the developments. It is expected that there are no problems with the approvals in most countries, although in the united States is something difficult to achieve.

Aston Martin VulcanTo achieve this, will have to check the emissions of your powerful V12 7.0 liter or install the lighting relevant, things that will be able to increase your weight. In some recent statements the CEO of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer, said that when the Vulcan came on the market “there was some doubt on the part of some potential customers by not being able to roll on the open road”.

he Added that his department of special projects “would not have been able to make a car as spectacular as that of the first, but RML said that had the ability to do so“. Some units of the Aston Martin Vulcan have already been delivered and from the brand you expect a few four or five customers opt for this transformation to be able to take it out to the street. The final price of the kit is still unknown, but is rumored that it may get closer to the million pounds.

Source – Coach