The auction of the legendary Ferrari 290 MM Fangio could mark record highs

One of the drivers most mythical of the history, some say the best is Juan Manuel Fangio. The argentine took his record of hundreds of victories, five world championships of Formula 1 – four of them in a row – or several podium finishes in the Mille Miglia, as well as victories in endurance races like the 12 Hours of Sebring. The argentinian driver piloted in the year 1956, this spectacular Ferrari 290 MM Mille Miglia Italian. A Ferrari will be auctioned in a few weeks and could mark the historic records of price.

One of four units built

With chassis number 0626, this unit so special will be auctioned in New York on 10 December by Sotheby s.

Only 4 units of the Ferrari 290 MM were built by Ferrari. The goal of these units was their participation in the Mille Miglia, an endurance race that already has gone into the annals of popular culture. These four units were canopy crafted by Scaglietti in 1956 and is considered one of the cars more exclusive at ever be auctioned. Is expected to beat all records: its sale price could exceed $ 20 million. As 13 LaFerrari together, about.

The specimen was built exclusively for Juan Manuel Fangio, and their colors were unique to the pilot Latin americans, becoming a symbol of argentinean car racing. Your body is a work of art of the classic car, with a calender and a few optics instantly recognizable as a Ferrari. The cockpit has configuration two-seater or single-seater, always with a tiny windshield as the only parapet. Gorgeous whose rear and profile are also able to let ourselves be hypnotized.

The engine of this machine was built ad hoc. A bright V12 of only 3.5 liters, capable of developing 320 HP to a sharp 7,200 rpm. Thanks to its lightness, was able to propel it up to 280 km/h without effort. If this os is impressive, the track record of the car will make more: not only was it piloted to a fourth place at the Mille Miglia of 1956, Fangio, was also the winner of the 1000 km of Buenos Aires in 1957 and participated in the following events, among others (hosted by other pilots):

28/29 April, 1956 – Mille Miglia – Fangio
may 27, 1956 – Nürburgring 1000 KM – Hill/de Portago/Gendebien/Wharton
July 8, 1956 – Rouen Grand Prix – de Portago
11/12 August, 1956 Sveriges Sports Car GP – von Trips/Collins
January 20, 1957 – Buenos Aires 1000 KM – Gregory/Castellotti/Musso
June 9, 1957 Portugal GP – Gregory

The competition car Ferrari definitive, as it is said. How much do you think that will be your sale price, only permissible for billionaires?

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