The Audi A1 will be manufactured in the plant of Martorell from 2018

Audi A1 2015 restylingWhat long ago emerged as a possibility, has today made it official: the Audi A1 will be manufactured exclusively for the whole world in the Martorell factory (Barcelona). This will happen at the beginning of the year 2018, moving all the production of small utilitarian from Belgium to Spain. The news was confirmed by Matías Carnero, president of the committee of company of SEAT.

In this way, the factory SEAT will be in charge of producing around 170,000 units a year. The workers of the plant are hoping that the small brand of the four rings strengthen your work load. The official confirmation of this award has taken to reach the due to the scandal of the diesel engines that has hit the VAG Group, as well as the trim of investment announced by the company.

Audi A1 2015 restylingWhat is not yet very clear is whether the arrival of the Audi A1 will result in the output of the Audi Q3. Now is the compact SUV which will be manufactured in Martorell, having produced in 2015 to a total of to 110,000 units. The problem is the Q3 employs 23 hours of work, compared to the 17 that uses the A1. Therefore, to produce only the utility could be detrimental to the workers.

So claimed the unions, saying that “it could generate a problem of employment in 2018 when you get a model, and let you mount the other”. Ram has made it clear that in the case of the manufacture there the Q3, they would ask for another model to join to the second generation of the A1, and so do not have to face layoffs or other measures that are unfavorable.

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