The Audi A2 is already on its way to fight against the Smart

Audi has realized that in the future the towns will command the greater part of the population. The mobility problems that this entails are a market with multiple alternatives to the car manufacturers. That is why Audi is already in the process of developing a direct rival for the Smart.


the prototype of The A2 was presented at the iaa in Frankfurt 2011

The truth is that it is not the first time that we have this information, or you start to hear these rumors. In march of last year we already talked about the possible arrival of an Audi A0. On this occasion, and although the basic concept of the model is the same, we can say that the German brand has thought of recovering the appellation A2 for this utility.

Well it is true that the Audi A2 (1999 to 2004) has already had its time. But it turned out to be so advanced with it that he became a man who was misunderstood. constructed of lightweight aluminum, and showing a consumption efficiency outstanding that even today would be eye-catching, the A2 was much too expensive to buy but more to maintain.

So this time Audi has party on a budget: between 15.000 and 16,000 euros. That is to say about 1,500 euros less than the Audi A1, the smallest model and economic of the house. Once fixed the price of sale the following that has made Audi is to determine the place of origin of the components, and it is here where we must look to its sister Volkswagen.


Its interior will be designed for four occupants and a small cargo space

Well, and to SEAT and Skoda. The three companies have a model triplet-sharing, the Up!, the Mii and the Citigo. All are made from the same base, sharing components and materials to reduce costs. Audi would take given this platform reduced, so-called NSF (New Small Family) to develop the new A2.

The advantage presented by this platform is that it is already adapted and configured to equip versions purely electric, see Volkswagen e-Up!. It is for this reason that Audi raises a range of mechanical cut, a couple of versions of gasoline and other pure electric, an A2 e-tron. Diesels and hybrids are discarded for being too expensive to develop.

With all of these bases, the engineers of Audi have been put to work to develop the new A2, and let’s hope that this time the fortune will be less elusive. Its size will be small, about 40 centimeters smaller than the A1, which will be 3.5 metres. A perfect measure in order to compete against the Fiat 500 or the Smart ForFour.


Hovering around 3.5 meters Audi raises the manufacture of bodies of three and five-door

at the moment there is no official release date, although pay that this year we’ll start to see some teaser or prototype prior. The truth is that one we have already seen, although it is traced back to the Frankfurt show 2011. At that time already hinted at the possible arrival of this utility, although now is when it has received the green light.