The Audi A3 Cabrio shows its new face for the coming year

Audi continues renewing its fleet. Little by little all the units of the German family, they are adapting to the changes of recent times. A lot of technology accompanied by renewals aesthetic subtle that they improve this. One of which will soon feature with this update is the Audi A3 Cabrio. In reality the whole range of the A3.


The bumper will change a lot, although surely this unit will equip the package S Line

just two days Ago we first saw the Audi A3 Sedan, 2016 to get to the point before its launch. That drive, like this, was discovered in the cold north of Europe, in Scandinavia, where every year on these dates, it is customary to submit to the tests climatologĂ­as extreme, where they will remain until temperatures rise.

unlike the body-saloon, the Audi A3 Cabriolet a glimpse of more details. A new front is present. Not only does the new design headlights-main, but also a new bumper with an opening very clear under the grille singleframe typical of Audi that also will receive minor touch-ups.

To these are added a few openings on front side new, and a rear that also shows new optical, in this case with new graphics rather than new design, and a bumper modified with two exhaust outlets located on the side of. Beyond no changes are seen, although it is early to say who will be the final.

The new family of Audi A3 will have all that technology that they are boasting their older brothers like the new Audi A4. Elements of the latest generation will focus mainly on safety, comfort, convenience, and connectivity. An evolutionary leap necessary, given the progress of the more direct rivals.


The rear barely changes, except for the two exhausts located to one side of the bumper

In terms of powers is too early to determine what will be the changes that we see. Sure that the range is updated, but slightly. We will see the same blocks TFSI and TDI, we will even see some block of three cylinders of low power consumption. Also where changes are expected is on the other side of the scale, the Audi RS3 that will surely increase your power to well go back to doing in front of the Mercedes A45 AMG.