The Audi A3 celebrates 20 years of life


The Audi A3 is celebrating its first 20 years. Market has already achieved more than 3.6 million units worldwide since its launch occurred in 1996.


Audi-A3-8L-1996-1 A Audi was the first automaker premium German who managed to find a market segment that was still untapped. In 1996 the Audi A3 had its debut in the European market , also marking the return of a compact model of the brand, following the departure of Audi 50 occurred in 1978 and thereby becoming the first compact premium.

Audi came forward two years Mercedes-Benz , which two years later launched the Class A and no less than nine years Series BMW 1 although years earlier had explored the segment with the 3 Series Compact. But after 20 years, three generations of the Audi A3 have already been held and brand marketing have achieved more than 3.6 million units worldwide.


In 20 years, the Audi A3 sold over 3.6 million units.

The first generation of the Audi A3, the Typ 8L as it was called internally, was released initially only three-door body. He was also the first model to be built VAG on A4 platform , the same which later gave birth to dozens of models of the Volkswagen Group. The day September 18, 1995 , the first Audi A3 came off the assembly line in the Audi plant in Ingolstadt .

Shortly thereafter came the five-door body and the beginning of its manufacturing Brazil, already in the year 2000, just at the same time that the model received its first update aesthetics. His second generation came in 2003 and managed to stay in production almost 10 years when in 2013 the time of generational change came, the model third generation , which continues today production,

In 2015 the Audi A3 is present in over 100 global markets and is also manufactured in other Audi production centers. The first expansion came in 2001, when Audi moved part of the production of the A3 at its plant in Györ, in Hungary. The sedan version was also made in India and soon more will too in Brazil.




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