The Audi A5 Cabrio 2017 starts its stage of development on the road

Audi seems a little oblivious to the problems that are emerging in the bosom of the Volkswagen Group. The premium brand most commercial of the group can’t afford to stagnate, and it is for this reason that lately the shows are so active with the aim of our photographers spy. The last to be intercepted has been the Audi A5 Cabrio 2017.


The family A5 will be extensive, with versions-cabrio, coupe and Sportback, in addition of the sporting S and RS

despite knowing that it was on the drawing boards, the A5 Cabrio 2017 had not yet been allowed to see his stage of dynamic testing. this Is the first time that we see rolling down the street, although the view is the similarities with his brother hardtop. Few aesthetic aspects change, beyond the canopy clear.

just a few days Ago the new Audi A5 was seen near the facilities of the mark at the Nürburgring. The nose is the same, with a grille singleframe extended and headlights main completely redesigned. In terms of the rear-drive Cabrio has little variations, but it seems that your boot is more high, certainly by the obligation of having to make room for the roof.

it Is unlikely that the first time that we see a model start its testing of street we can see the interior, but it is what has happened with the A5 Cabrio. It is here when we do not find differences with your brother hard top, although it is early to determine that. Sure that there will be at least in terms of the entry opening of the roof.

The Audi A5, both in its coupe and cabrio, will be using the new platform MLB Evo. It will be made of a mixture of components, such as steel, aluminum and other lightweight materials, so that Audi expects to reduce the total weight of the set between 90 and 115 kg, thereby making it possible to reduce consumption and broaden the dynamic capabilities.


Audi has chosen one more time by incorporating a system of soft-top version cabrio

In terms of mechanical is soon to determine which blocks of the new Audi A4 will see the family of the A5. Most will be shared, including the versions more performance, as the S5 or the RS5, and the units Sportback that still have not been allowed to see by the street. As we say implementation has just started and its launch is not expected until the end of next year.