The Audi A7 autonomous displays its progress on the German autobahn


The Audi A7 autonomous is given a tour by a German autobahn with real traffic

Audi put to the test A7 Piloted Driving Concept on the highway
German A9. The experimental prototype that uses the signature of the four rings to develop
driving technology autonomous, who is called internally
“Jack”, shows its latest advancements in real traffic
running the operations of a way more natural and taking
decisions on the fly as if a human is involved. In Addition, Audi
we talk about the technologies
Car-to-X communication of the vehicle
with the environment and
“First Mile” as its introduction in
urban environment.

Jack has learned to perform all the maneuvers in common
necessary for the circulation on the highway and
the way he does it
more natural
as you would a human pilot. During the trials in
the A9 motorway German this Audi A7 of evidence has shown that
now makes overtaking trucks with a higher margin
side, like when changing lanes first activates the
intermittent and is close to the dividing line, as when a
conductor makes for
check if you can do the transfer with

On the other hand emphasizes your attitude of coexistence when the vehicle
“observes” another has to be incorporated into our pathway.
In this case, the system determines if
speeds up or slows down,
depending on the situation and our profile of driving
always looking for the best flow of traffic. Another
function to note is that the navigation system can determine
the most suitable route for the
driving autonomous for when the
relaxation of the driver is dominant over the rest of the preferences
of the trip.


The audi RS7 prototype autonomous also demonstrated his expertise on the track

As you already know, the brain driving autonomous is the
central controller driver assistance zFAS, whose
processors of high performance consume information from
of all the vehicle sensors (cameras, radar, etc..) for
having a “complete view of the environment in real time” with
to calculate maneuvers ahead. The results of these
technologies then come the fruits in the new models of Audi as the
assistants in jams of the Audi A4 and Audi Q7.

Audi is also working on the future standard telecommunications 5G
with the to be able to connect vehicles to other cars and
infrastructure. This is called communication
it will offer among others the possibility of sharing information between
several vehicles traveling along the same pathway, for example,
notify of obstacles or unexpected hazards in the road, as well
as the potential of the indicators of traffic variables
to issue the information directly to the vehicles.

working on a new material to the posts of information that will help
especially to be read by the vehicle sensors. In addition
with the communication Car-to-X autonomous cars will be able to
use the
shoulder of roads are paved when they are enabled temporarily

Finally, Audi is developing the program “First Mile”,
that is test driving autonomous in the
included between the output of a highway and the arrival in the
urban areas
, a situation that according to the manufacturer at the most
of customers is more complex. To achieve this, there will
the use of the technology in different types of pavement and integrate
technical solutions as
sensors in areas of intersections.