The Audi A7 Sportback in Bull: is it worth it to invest in “product placement” in Spanish cinema?

is Not the first time that we talk about product placement, nor will it be the last. For decades, manufacturers have opted to invest in advertising strategies different, such as appearing in a movie. This is nothing new. In fact we already spoke about the case of the Alfa Spider and The Graduate, which premiered back in the sixties. On this occasion it has been Audi that, via press release, it reminded us of the involvement of the Audi A7 Sportback in Toro, the film that premieres this weekend, and with the claim of one of our best actors, Luis Tosar, and one of the faces of fashion among the young, Mario Casas. And there will be the Audi A7 Sportback to have your minute of glory. is it worth investing in product placement in the Spanish cinema?

The Spanish cinema sells, but a very select few movies are distributed the greater part of the collection, and as a result, the viewers.

to answer that question perhaps first we should reflect on the state of the Spanish film. Although the perception of a decline of the film industry, in general, and of the Spanish industry of cinema, in particular, the figures for last year showed otherwise. The collection is still below the figures prior to 2010, but last year’s 94 million viewers (7.1% more than the previous year) did the collection grow by 8.6% (Cooking Ideas). The collection of the Spanish film referred to, but its share grew to reach 19% of the total.

In that sense, maybe you have to be very aware that these figures are strongly influenced by a group of very select movies, which are together the greater part of the spectators who go to the cinema. In 2015, for example, Eight Catalan surnames raised 31 million euros, the figures are superior to those that joined the films that follow in the ranking of the highest grossing Spanish production, which were capture the flag, Losing the north and Regression. On the other hand we also can not ignore a fact. As they said in Bluper, the good figures of the Spanish cinema in 2015 you must, essentially, to the productions supported by the tv, by Telecinco Cinema (was a 60% levy in 2015) and Atresmedia (18%), this last production of the Bull.

audi-a7-sportback-toro-01that being Said, it does seem that it makes sense to invest in product placement in the Spanish cinema, but essentially when it comes to movies very box-office hits, which are those that eventually dominate the bulk of the spectators who will come to the cinema and consume Spanish cinema. The issue is precisely to know if this Spanish production, to do away with the humor and the animation for opting for the thriller, action, and that bet by a renowned figure, Luis Tosar, and a figure in the media, Mario Casas, to close this year ranks among the highest grossing.

on the other hand, the product placement, such as the Audi A7 Sportback at Toro, not only allows you to make your car appear good-looking, being the car of the protagonist, or escaping unscathed, vibrant persecutions. In the trailer we can already see how there has been no qualms in smashing several cars, among which, coincidence or not, we see a BMW.

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