The Audi of the future will have an interior more angular and with more screens (or so they make us think)

Of the Audi Virtual Cockpit the Audi Virtual Dashboard. Audi has presented on the occasion of the CES 2016 the perspective of a dashboard of the future full of new ways, of strokes more angular and clear, and screens. What we saw in the Audi e-tron quattro concept… and the signature looks to continue its emphasis in this way.

minimalism current… how many screens and angles?

in Addition to the presence of more screens, it becomes evident the increasing use of voice control and customization of interfaces as well as the connection of our car with the environment.

With this look concept to the dashboard of the future according to Audi the German firm runs apparently the way contrary to what we offered the last evolution of products, which provides us with the new Audi R8, the new Audi TT, the new Audi A4… in the simple ways, of a central screen that reaches even to disappear, to be integrated into the instrumentation… to a central console that, in addition to receiving a design more bold, less smooth, is covered by touch surfaces.

Individuality. Customization of the interface. we have Already seen several brands to speak to us of separate profiles for users of the car, Audi is sum, and Ricky Hudi, Executive Vice president for Electronic Development, points out that “in the future, the system will need to know the user, his habits and preferences, and rely on them”, but what it offers us as this futuristic dashboard?

beyond the fully digital instrumentation, a trait already known, we come up with two large screens Amoled on which rests all the attention of the central console, a few screens that swivelled on a new modular platform for infotainment Audi has christened MIB2+ with a greater processing capacity and connectivity LTE.

This new multimedia system is supported already in the cloud, has improved the voice control and we are promised that the connected services will continue to grow, as well as the interaction with our smartphone, smartwatch, and even Apple TV.

No more waiting around-your car will warn you when the traffic light is going to put in green:

in Addition, since this year new models from Audi will begin counting with a service Car-to-X that will serve to be able to weave as a network of cars really connected able to recognize traffic signs, signals, and events in Europe and that they are even going a step further in the united States connecting our car to the central computer of the traffic from which control traffic lights, telling us the speed necessary to get to the next traffic light when it is green.