The Audi Q1, which should reach in 2020, is still waiting to have green light

From a couple years ago, it is officially confirmed that it will come to the range Audi a all the way that will be below the current Q2. The small Q1 should be the precursor to a new market segment, that of the -premium SUVS, because although the Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 is the king of it, not playing in the league premier. In addition, for now does not have any opponent, so Mini, a traditional actor in these challenges, do not have any representatives.

Of the Audi Q1 we know that it will be developed on the same platform that the Seat Arona, Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo, so that it is understood that share the same technical approach. That is to say, mechanical petrol and diesel of up to 115 HP and the absence of four-wheel drive. However, the model of the four rings has to be even more special than their brothers commoners, so you could surpass them in power and drive system.

Up there we are not surprised at all, as Audi is at the top of the Volkswagen Group, and its position is not going to lose with this model. The problem is that it seems that the small Q1 still would not light green to go to the assembly line. This information collides with another disclosed a long time ago, and it would be on the market to the year 2020, just when you should start your marketing the second generation of the A1.

Director of Sales and Marketing of Audi, Bram Schot stated that

“you can not ignore the trend of the SUV, the question is how broad and how deep is” […] “depending on the business opportunities, we decided on the cartea products. But don’t be surprised if in two or three years sees the car, while we try to react quickly to the markets”

These words seem to corroborate that the Audi Q1 definitive does not have the green light for the production, however, it could also play ball so that their rivals are not getting the first in this segment of the market. In any case, we must be attentive to the movements that make the signing of the four rings, because it is almost certain that we will know the final model in a matter of few months.

Source – Auto Express

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