The Audi Q2 will triumph at the expense of affecting the sales of Audi A3 and Audi A1, but that does not worry about in Audi

Since the presentation of the Audi Q2, we learned that he had been born a best-seller, a product that will probably rise to the top of the most sold Audi. But we also came to another conclusion no less interesting, how will that affect the success of the Audi Q2 to the sales of the Audi A3 and Audi A1? To me, I have no doubt. It is very possible that many customers, who naturally would have purchased an Audi A3 or an Audi A1, end up preferring the Audi Q2, your proposal date, and their approach crossover (what is a crossover?), so fashionable these days. Even I am afraid that the sales of the Audi Q3 can be derailed, both those in your purchase decision they had thought of this last can met their needs in the Audi Q2, even with a trunk smaller, and less space for the rear seats. what do you think Audi do this? See 85 images and “bottom” of the Audi Q2 2016.

According to a publishing these days, Audi already has it. The risk of launching a new product in a range that already has covered almost all segments is precisely that, the of cannibalizing other products. An effect that often all manufacturers, and not just the car, they try to avoid.

But the war of Audi is another. Your battle passes face up to its rivals, more important, to the German BMW and Mercedes-Benz. And in that battle, anything goes to attract customers, even launch niche products that seemingly overlap each other in the market. See video of the Audi Q2.


otherwise we would not understand the strategy of BMW, which knows well what it means to work in the niche without fear of cannibalization. We would not understand that in the market live with a BMW 3 Series sedan and family, a BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo, a BMW Series 4 Gran Coupe, and a BMW X4 is an SUV and a stylish coupe.

The only concern of Audi spends to attract new customers, and if the Audi Q2 is obtained, which according to all indications will do it, Audi will achieve its objectives. In fact, Audi recognizes that the objective of this Audi Q2 does not pass through to be placed in the place that until now occupied by A3, A1, and Q3 on a buying decision, but appear as a candidate in new purchase decisions. And not only that, you met your goal, Audi expects the majority of customers who buy an Audi Q2 be new to the brand of the four rings. See engine range of the Audi Q2.