The Audi Q3 check the brake to its production in the plant of Martorell

Audi Q3 vista frontal Audi Q3 has been assumed for the signature of the four rings a total and resounding success of sales. Such has been the success during the five years leading to the sale, the factory of Martorell has had to make additional appearances during the weekends in order to meet your demand. however, in the next few months, turns extraordinary who had gathered to cover the demand of the Audi Q3 have been desconvocados.

By now, the measure will only affect the months of September and October. Month in which it has not been convened even a single weekend extraordinary. With this as the extra turns in the Martorell factory to cover the production of the Q3 have slowed abruptly and without a view to a reset. The decision has been taken as the workers plant have enjoyed its deserved holiday summer, a time to return to their jobs are to regulate the production to match the demand.

Audi Q3 fábricaThe main reason that Audi has provided to have lowered the rate of production of its all-way compact is a slight fall in its demand. We must keep in mind that this decline is not widespread, simply comes from some markets and according to the brand is only a blip. However, the brand neither confirms nor denies the countries in which the demand is falling or the consequences that it is originating from.

nevertheless, and in spite of the setback which represents the decrease rate in the production of the Audi Q3 SEAT Spain has announced that the total volume of production in the factory of Martorell exceed 135,000 units (from Audi Q3) that were produced the last year the way everything compact of the German firm.

This decision takes a caríz temporary and therefore we must be waiting for the mark to confirm it as final, or the reverse once cessation the problems that are causing this decline-in-time demand. We expect the Audi Q3 to oversee sales and manufacturing allow Martorell exceed the figures of last year.

Source – Audi

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