The Audi Q5 shows once more almost finished


The Audi Q5 2016 is on tour in Spain, and has left to see in one of their final tests

The SUV have taken a leading role in the panorama of Audi. Units Q continue to expand the family with the arrival of the Audi Q2, but the germans did not forget the already existing models, that should go in addition to the change initiated by the large Q7 last year. And is that as we can see in these spy photos, the Audi Q5 2017 will receive a facelift very similar.

actually more than a facelift or a restyling as we say, is a completely new model. The Audi Q5 will change completely, from top to bottom. Premiere platform, technology, engineering, and interior design. In this last section we are going to discover new details thanks to the loss of camouflage.

And through that loss we can see how the Q5 2017 will be very similar to its older brother, the Audi Q7. The front will be very different from the current one. there is Not a single element is shared with the predecessor. New grille singleframe, new headlights, new bumper…all new. The same thing happens in the rest of the body.


In this picture we see as the central screen out of the dashboard to be on him

By now, we have not been able to take a look to your interior, but taking into account the outer apply changes that we already know, it is logical to think that the interior also will receive them. And in part we can see that the passenger compartment, at least a small section. Thanks to it we can say that the screen will unembed the dashboard, going to be part of it to the air, as we see in the new models, like the Audi A5, 2016.

As we have already said the Q5 will change the platform on which it rests. A new structure facilitated further allow a slight increase in the battle, which in turn will benefit the interior dimensions and the volume of the trunk. That does not mean that your measurements change a lot, but it will grow slightly with respect to its predecessor.

In the section mechanical the Q5 must undergo a considerable overhaul of their engines. All of them will be reviewed and improved to deliver greater power while reducing consumption. The traction will continue to fair play whilst relying on the front axle, though of course there will be the possibility of having the quattro.


The design philosophy will be the same, but will be introduced significant aesthetic changes

In just a few months, the Audi Q5 2017 to be unveiled, possibly at the Paris Salon know their new style. However the landing in the streets will take longer to occur, since it is not expected until late this year or early next. Will have to keep waiting to see it.