The Audi Q5 will be unveiled in Paris, and today gives us an insight of this teaser

Audi Q5 teaser Paris motor show is only a few days of opening its doors and, today, the brand from Ingolstadt has confirmed that in his stand you will find an important novelty. We talk about the Audi Q5, which will feature a generation jump in the appointment of French. Once submitted, Audi will be able to give as renewed its entire range of crossovers, since the Q7 takes just a few months on the market, as well as the new Q2, while it was recently updated the Audi Q3.

The German brand has given us a small deposit by means of a video teaser, but has not wanted to reveal data of the future SUV. In the teaser, Audi used as a claim of the rivalry between Apple and Android, also using a hashtag to get noticed in the social networks and make it viral, as it did with its SUV’s, more small just a few months ago. In this case, hashtag used is #Qriosity, and with the video he wants to give us to understand high-dose of connectivity and, of course, gives us an insight of the system infotainment will be compatible with both Apple and Android.

teaser is very short, only 20 seconds, but leaves us partially see the center console of the Audi Q5, where it appears to a panel that, apparently, will be a touch pad where to write to, for example, enter a phone number or an address for the browser. We can also appreciate a knob with the navigate the various menus of the infotainment system; something that is already usual in models of the company.

As is usual in vehicles of the average size of the Volkswagen Group, the Audi Q5 has been developed on the well-known modular platform MQB. You surely have lost some weight over the current model and will be offered with versions mechanical 4-and 6-cylinder, and is associated with changes both manual and automatic. It is very likely that later arrives some sporty version of the SUV German.

The date of the official presentation is the 29 September 13:45, when we will obtain all the details of the new model if it is that Audi did not decide to anticipate the information and the images of the new Audi Q5.