The Audi R18 e-tron may also have a future in the WEC


it Seems clear that the VAG Group has reformulated its philosophy
around the different sports programs that has had to close. If the
Volkswagen Polo R WRC in 2017 is getting closer to compete, it seems that
the Audi R18 e-tron quattro also has options to continue to live
in the WEC with a
private computer, although in this case the assignment of the LMP1 of the brand to the other
structure has many more connotations, all time the prototype of Audi
Sport saves the recent developments of the German giant in hybrid technology. To
in spite of everything, the door is open.

After put an end to their program in LMP1, Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich confirmed that the workers of Audi Sport that were part of the project would be relocated in other departments of Audi, but at no time spoke of keeping the Audi R18 e-tron quattro. However, this stance seems to have changed, although as explained from the brand find a private team with the budget and the experience to manage these prototypes is not an easy task. In fact, from Audi Sport is committed to cooperate with any equipment that meets this challenge.

all in all, there are intermediate solutions. In fact, shortly after confirming the departure of Audi Sport’s WEC, the team Joest Racing already showed their interest in keeping the Audi R18 on track. The structure that has underpinned the official team of Audi has the experience that in any way requires the brand and although it is unlikely that this formation can reach a budget of 200 million euros, already put on the table the option of putting to compete with the Audi R18 taking advantage of the chassis of 2017 and regardless of the part hybrid register between the LMP1-L.