The Audi R8 will say goodbye to its V8 engine and hello to a new V6

Audi motor V8The Audi R8 the first generation came to market nearly a decade. The concept was a supercar to the height marks with a lot of history in the segment like Ferrari or Lamborghini, with whom he shared a good part of engineering. Not had nothing to envidiarles or in terms of chassis and in terms of mechanics, to be available with a version V10 and other “access” V8, both of intake air.

relatively recently, came the second generation of the supercar German, appearing with a V10 again placed in a central position, just behind the seats, and without supercharging. In the version V10 Plus, 610 horses roar and transmitted to the asphalt in the most effective manner possible with the drive system quattro.

it Seemed that Audi was going to launch into bit of a softer version, as you did in the first generation, using a V8 engine the maximum power. However, the regulations antifouling and the recent development of a twin-turbo V6 between Porsche and Audi (used in the new Porsche Panamera), in addition to the filtration on the future offensive of the products of the mark of the beginning of the year, makes us think that can this variant V8 never comes and yes I make a version more efficient: an Audi R8 V6.

Audi R8 Spyder V10it Is understandable that this news does not please the most purist fans of supercars, and it is logical. But we have to to understand the situation of the brand, and it is that would bring more performance to the development of the new V6 biturbo and probably would sell a lot more than the V8. Like in Europe would remain far the figures of the V8 (or fall slightly), but in countries and markets where the standards, anti-pollution are much more harsh, they could market this vehicle more easily.

on the other hand, it is also not certain in case you use a V6 engine with supercharging, is the 2.9 V6, which assembles the Porsche Panamera. And it is that we remember that the Audi S4 also uses a V6 supercharged, although in this case the displacement is 3 liters with the other internal settings.

whatever it Is, everything indicates that the V8 inside the super sports car Audi R8 is about to die, while a V6 will appear shortly.

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