The Audi RS1 could arrive in 2017 with up to 310 HP of power

Audi RS1 render

Recreation of the Audi RS1 by RM Design

Audi RS1 is a vehicle that has always been in the mind of many fans. Since we tested the sporty Audi S1 we wonder if the brand of the four hoops dare to do something more radical. The answer seems to be yes, since some sources point to that the small sports will arrive in the coming year. The date chosen would be the month of march, as it would be presented in the Geneva 2017.

it has already Been three years since Audi was the RS1, but this time seems to have made you change your mind. What is certain is that in the current market we see more and more sport versions of these utilities and therefore would be hollow for this model. Could be based directly on the Audi A1 Quattro, the limited edition which made it clear to the potential that it could reach the small of the range.

Audi RS1 render

Recreation of the Audi RS1 by RM Design

Although there’s still nothing confirmed, the Audi RS1 could surprise by its engine. Might borrow the mechanics of its big brother, the Audi S3 or Audi TTS Roadster that we tested recently. This mounts the 2.0 TFSI with 310 HP of power. A figure is really impressive taking into account that the current S1 is at 231 HP. Would not miss the all-wheel drive quattro and a change manual of six speeds.

With these data, the Audi RS1 is postulated as a vehicle of reduced dimensions, but with a power overwhelming. Will have to see it, but that would be a model capable of battling with opponents larger. It is not surprising that it got an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. The price will also be quite high, are spoken of some 42,000 euros starting about 6,000 euros more than the current S1.

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