The Audi SQ2 2017 uncovered, we will show you the version more sports

Audi SQ2 2017 - foto espía

we Hunt totally exposed to the new Audi SQ2. The most sporting of the range.

is Not the first time that we have discussed the possibility of getting to see an Audi SQ2. It is more, not long ago we did echo some information that pointed to that, this version has a purely sports could finally materialize and be powered by the same engine used by the Audi S3. Well, thanks to our photographers, here we’ll show you first.

the first time that the new Audi SQ2 2017 is hunted. And yes, it is fully exposed, without a shred of camouflage. Thanks to these photos spies we can scrutinize every detail of the exterior of this variant that, as we say, will be characterised by accentuating the more sporty of the “baby SUV” Audi that stood as the model, the most compact of the range Q.

In particular, our photographers have managed to catch the new Audi SQ2 2017 during a testing session the circuit of the Nürburgring. And it is not casual, because on these dates many brands take advantage of to test their future models. But, back to the compact SUV of Audi, what’s new aesthetic will offer us with respect to the Audi Q2 basic? Then jump to the vista.

Audi SQ2 2017 - foto espía

In the rear, the four exhaust outlets and roof spoiler accentuate the sporty character.

As we say, the unity that we see in these spy photos is totally free of camouflage, so that it is easy to catch a glimpse of the details diferenciadores of the Audi SQ2 2017. The front bumper adopts a new design while also add a few new air inlets with which to improve engine cooling. To this we must add a side skirts wider.

on the other hand, if we look at the area later, it jumps to the sight of the exhaust system with four outputs integrated seamlessly into the design, as well as a rear bumper also adopts some changes, although not very radical. Of course, we cannot forget about the tire and specific brake that will be visible. Brakes that are larger in size.

And if we take a look under your hood, what will we find? Again and making reference to information that is already published not many days ago, everything indicates that the new Audi SQ2 will be powered by the same engine from the Audi S3. This means that it will equip a four-cylinder engine 2.0-liter TFSI with an output which will be about 300 HP. And together with this, the relevant system of all-wheel drive Quattro.