The Audi SQ7 TDI started its sales in Spain by a price from 110.970 euros


The SUV from Audi is the one who has the diesel engine more powerful in the world

Since the middle of this month you can reserve your Audi SQ7 TDI. The signing of the four rings initiates the release of which is the big SUV is sporty with a diesel engine more powerful in the world. The price in our country from the 110.970 euros, the first units will hit the market at the end of this summer 2016.

The vigorous SUV sports rides a propellant V8 TDI 4.0-liter that has been designed from the ground up to prove that you can do a huge block diesel of high performance and low power consumption. This V8 diesel produces 436 HP of power and 900 Nm of peak torque linked to an automatic transmission Tiptronic eight relations and the traction integral Quattro.

From 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds

This mechanical assembly allows the large SUV from Audi to complete the 0 to 100 in just 4.8 seconds at the same time it approves an average consumption of 7.2 liter of fuel for 100 km, which equates to 189 g/km of CO2 (emissions.


900 Nm of maximum torque has the SUV more sporty Audi

As a world first, this Audi Q7 top of the range features a compressor driven electronically -EPC – used for the first time in a production vehicle, this element of 7kW maximum power complements to the two turbochargers to ensure better engine response, more agile and dynamic, especially at low revs, eliminating the lag-delay – characteristic of the turbo.

With the electric compressor as first in the world

in Addition adds a new sub-system 48-volt with an extra battery under the boot of 13kW of power and 470 Wh nominal energy serving to power the electric compressor and the system of anti-sway electromechanical named eAWS. This latter system allows the SUV to have a step by curve faster to reduce the inclination of the body in them and reducing the tendency to understeer. A DC/DC converter is responsible for maintaining connected the systems of 12 and 48 volts.

standard equipment of the SQ7 TDI is fairly complete, contemplating equipment that is optional on the rest of the range Q7. Among them we highlight LED headlights, air suspension adaptive with setting specific S, sport steering wheel with cams for the change. fuel tank with larger capacity, sport seats in Alcantara and leather, navigation system MMI, a exterior package specific bumper, inserts, thresholds of doors and 20-inch wheels.


Among the available options we find that system electromechanical anti-body roll eAWS, the differential, sports rear and have the capacity to possess four-wheel steering.