The Audi TT Sportback production will see the light in just four days

The TT is one of the great sports of Audi, although in a reduced format. Taking the essence of its big brother, the R8, albeit with differences more obvious. However, and despite being a toy extremely fun, the TT has always shown a serious defect, the interior space, and for this reason in just a few days will be presented the Audi TT Sportback.


By incorporating two doors plus the overall design will be affected

Never before had known a most familiar version of the TT, well at least not in real format, because at the end of last year Audi gave us a breakthrough in prototype version with the Audi TT Sportback Concept. An idea that will become a reality to suit those looking to combine the performance and the concept a little more familiar.

The configuration who will present the TT Sportback is the same as the rest of extended drives of Audi, as the A3 or the Audi A5, which by the way will soon be renovated. Line coupe, in the style of TT, with five doors, four seats and a trunk larger than the current. I said, same concept but on a larger scale.

Now, there arises a clear question: why present the Audi TT Sportback in China if it is a european product? I will not going to tell you the importance of the asian market for brands. A market with thousands of potential customers must be satisfied on the part of manufacturers, and the TT Sportback is a good example of this.

In regards to mechanical, nothing indicates that the Sportback does not have the same motor that the Audi TT. That is to say blocks of four-cylinder diesel and petrol, with outputs ranging between 180 and 240 HP. These units would have that add variants S, with a five-cylinder engine turbocharged with an output power of 310 HP.


The capacity will be for four passengers, with a luggage compartment volume increased

If we talk about Europe, the TT Sportback you are to fight directly against the Mercedes CLA, or against his own brother, the Audi A3 Sedan. At the moment there is no official price, although all indications are that the increase will be about 2,000 euros with respect to the current coupe versions, and their fabrication will take place in the Hungarian plant in Gyor.