The auto-pilot Tesla had saved previously the victim of another accident

Accidente Tesla Model S Piloto Automático

Today we have known a piece of news that strikes directly to the driving systems autonomous. And it is that has killed a driver in an accident while using the auto pilot, Tesla. The system was not able to dodge the maneuver of a truck running out under the trailer of the same on a road in Florida. Despite the fact that the majority has placed as the sole culprit to this system, the same technology had saved the victim of another accident previously, in the month of April.

Joshua Brown, besides being owner of a Tesla Model S, was a in love with this technology. Their social networks were full of photos and videos in which he taught proud of your car and this driving system autonomous, the Model S rides. It is precisely in their social networks, published in April a video that could be seen clearly as the autopilot detected the maneuver of a truck make inroads into their lane without seeing him and used to correct the trajectory.

In this case, the sensors of the model itself were able to detect the dangerous approach of the truck and make a maneuver that probably saved of a strong collision. Joshua was traveling in the right lane when a truck that circulated about him to his left darting into your lane without looking. Just before that occurred the impact the Tesla Model S was able to detect this approach and to correct the trajectory to avoid a more than likely accident.

Tesla has also posted on its blog data show that, to this day, even with a driving system of an autonomous development, it is more safe to travel with autopilot activated than without it. “It is the the first death known in the more than 200 million miles travelled by the car Tesla with the function of the auto pilot activated”. “On average, in the world, a record of a victim of trafficking every 100 million kilometres travelled”

Source – Jalopnik

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