“The auto pilot, Tesla tried to kill me” Before using Autopilot, the better to read the instructions for use…

We are many we are looking forward to the autonomous car, although probably not as much as those that have paid $ 3,000 to incorporate Autopilot into their Tesla Model S. Such is the enthusiasm by letting the car drive for us, that many owners have already begun to have the first few scares. And is that Autopilot does not make the Tesla Model S in a car fully autonomous but that automate driving in certain conditions, very precise, and very controlled. Outside of that scenario, it is normal that situations of risk, unexpected twists, or even risk invading the opposite lane, as we can see in these videos have already emerged on the internet of the risks of Autopilot.

Autopilot, or his or her facet more well-known, the autopilot, has been designed to assist us on dual carriageways and motorways, so that the Model S is able to maintain its lane, maintain the speed and the safety distance with other cars, and even run overtaking moves at the touch of a button. It is also conceived as wizard in jams, in which you can follow other cars, accelerate and brake, and turn the steering wheel to not get out of your lane. But, of course, we speak of a automation very early, something that is far from what we expect in a car truly autonomous, so that it is essential to the continuous care of the driver, which is the true responsible of what happens.

This means that, not only we must not rely on Autopilot beyond the conditions for which it was designed, but also we must exercise extreme caution whenever we use. Even cruise control can be dangerous if we do not use it as it is due, we relax and lose focus on the road.

The video above is a good example of how Autopilot, which works on the basis of the information that is collected by its radar and the identification of road markings, is confused in ways that the lines on the asphalt are just or are not well drawn.

In this second case, the title of which reads as “so Tesla’s Autopilot tried to kill me!”, and see how Autopilot tries to approximate the car dangerously to the opposite lane. What is certain is that the driver or not is very agile to avoid the risk, or simply wanted to put his life at risk in exchange for receiving the title of being the first driver into crashing using Autopilot. Between the time that Autopilot starts to emit an annoying audible warning, prompting the driver to take the controls, and the time it reacts, you spend a few seconds.

In short, first of all caution. Autopilot still does not make the Tesla Model S is a car fully autonomous, so it is only a further step in the progress of the wizards, and the driving aids…

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