‘The Autobots’: Now the Chinese cloned the Pixar movie Cars


Neither 3D animations are saved from Chinese copies. The Autobots is a film that will premiere at China next month, in which the protagonists are car with artificial intelligence and a striking resemblance to the characters Pixar Cars .


洗车人总动员-The-Autobots-Poster L Chinese culture related to the copy of cars is not limited to the cloning of a Range Rover Evoque or a Porsche Macan, but even reaches the 3d animated films related to cars. This time it fell to Pixar suffer through a copy of their movie characters Cars this time coming from China under the name The Autobots .

Pixar is the latest victim of Chinese copies, with the arrival of the Autobots.

Incredibly, the Formula 1 car painted with the colors of the Italian flag is not Francesco Bernoulli but the Chinese, who with a kind of Lightning McQueen copy tuned They will delight Chinese children.

But no more details, and also appears Batmobile film as a Tim Burton cameo until Cinderella Castle to one photographs that promote the film in China

But creators from The Autobots claim that although they have been inspired by the Pixar movie, is not a copy but something different because in the Chinese version also appear people , a detail that Pixar overlooked in his film that also stars a car with human features and ability to interact amongst these.

The Autobots revolves around a scientist who develops three cars with artificial intelligence interacting with humans. In a world where people usually drive cars, the three Autobots try to find what really drives us: friendship





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