The automatriculaciones dealers distort the sales

Renault Arabauto Vitoria-Gasteizas it has gone through the year, we have seen sales of passenger cars and all new fields have been increased compared to the previous year. However, it is not gold that glitters, and these sales are not only aimed at private customers or companies, but that the dealership have a lot to do in it, for the automatriculaciones they should do.

The automatriculaciones are one of the solutions that are the official dealer for getting to the objectives that the marks were imposed on month-to-month. However, falling into this routine is very dangerous for the company that owns the dealership, as the cars once enrolled they lose value and have to sell at a price relatively more affordable, making the profit per unit sold decreases.

Concesionario Citroënhowever, due to the stagnation sales that is taking the channel of individual customers by the end of the Plan PIVE the dealers are going to automatricular cars at a higher rate than what they were doing in these past years. According to various professional associations of the sector, they are putting in the same levels to the year 2010.

During the past year the dealers automatricularon a total 112.200 units. This figure represents 11 percent of the total sales of new vehicles were carried out during the year 2015. If the forecasts made by these associations are not wrong a lot, it is more than likely that this year the automatriculaciones re-assume between a 10 and 12 percent of total sales of the year.

we Expect that the market of private customers to recover and the official dealer to diminish the number of automatriculaciones. This could be solved if the new government approved a new incentive plan to the purchase of new vehicles. To see what happens.

Source – Anfac, Faconauto and Ganvam