The Automobile Barcelona Connected HUB opens its doors

Automobile Barcelona Connected HUB

From that emerged at the beginning of the last century, the car shows have been unmissable (in large part) for the brands of cars. They were the ideal showcase to present their innovations to the general public and show their rivals what they were capable of doing. In Spain we have had two relevant quotations which have been losing strength in the european and global picture. Madrid and Barcelona had their respective halls, but with its low profile and volume for the brands have gone from being annual to biennial.

in Addition to moving to alternate in time, both one and the other have had to reinvent because, before disappearing from the landscape have preferred to change his position. The Auto Salon Barcelona began yesterday his career turned in the Automobile Barcelona Connected HUB. The reason of this new restructuring is for, in addition to hosting the presence of car brands that present their innovations, welcome to the technology-based companies that are increasingly present in our cars.

Automobile Barcelona Connected HUB Seat Ateca FR

With the opening and change of position to the middle water between the car and the technology has increased the presence of marks. In 2015 came to about forty, and on this occasion the level has risen to almost one hundred. However it is noteworthy that more than half of the firms belong to the technological sector. Level developments, there is to say that the present edition will not feature large scoops. The last edition featured several new european and any national first. In the current the only new highlight is the presentation and next-arrival Seat Ateca FR.

One of the brands that will attract the attention, not by its news, but for the first time that pisa Spain official is Tesla Motors. The Fira will count with the presence of the Model S and X that will make act of presence to reinforce the recent arrival of the brand to our country. the rest of The brands generalists, have a profile more discreet, although among them the most highlighted will be FCA, Mazda, and Honda. On the plus side discreet we will have to Ford, Dacia, Mahindra or Suzuki in addition to the disappearance of the PSA Group and General Motors.

The signatures premium have not wanted to throw the bells to the flight in this edition of the Automobile Barcelona Connected HUB because with the exception of several Ferraris, Jaguars and Maseratis we will not have big news. Firms that better news will bring will be Mercedes-Benz with its revamped S-Class and Land Rover with the new Ensure. If we include Lexus in this group (as premium that is) we will see in its stand the new LS 500h and NX 300h Sport Edition.

The Automobile Barcelona Connected HUB will be open to the general public from tomorrow until the next day 21. Their hours are 10 am to 20 pm (21 on Fridays and Saturdays). In its facilities you will be able to test the latest developments and this is sure to be sold several thousands of cars. Is an opportunity if you are thinking of purchasing a car and we want to have the best information. For the rest, will have to see how many visitors come this year to the Fira and if a new approach that has given the organization has served to revitalize it.

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Source – Automobile Barcelona