The automotive industry China electrocuta with the electric car

Industria del automóvilChina and its automotive industry have already passed the united States in the manufacture of hybrid cars, electric. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers in the year so far have already been sold 331.092 units of cars driven by alternative energies, making it the first market in the world. This figure is still away from the goal set by the government of the people’s Republic of China.

The figure marked are three million electric vehicles by the year 2025, about ten times more than the enrollment current. For the government to meet its purpose and be able to minimize the pollution of the major cities of the country, institutions are offering hefty subsidies to the manufacturers that are able to improve the automotive industry supply in China.

Industria del automóvilhowever, is the emphasis that is doing the chinese government in promoting its electric car industry, which the sector is starting to show signs of saturation. There are currently 200 that are dedicated to the sustainable mobility in China. However, in order to eliminate this saturation, China is going to harden up the standards of technology to which they were subjected, to this form of benefit to the companies that are really working to change the mobility in China.

With this measure seeks to ensure that companies that work to electrify the automotive industry, the chinese have long-term viability, and at the same time comply with the specifications of technological minimum. For this reason, the establishment of these new standards are mandatory for the companies who want to stay in the race for the electric car. However, conditions that the asian giant has imposed to the companies are going to be difficult in the short term, since it involves numerous changes.

In this way, many of the companies could disappear in a short period of time. However, this measure is also applauded by major companies, such as many of the startups that have been created in the country with this purpose have only served to speculate and have not helped to substantially improve the electrical mobility of the country.

Source – Bloomberg