The autonomous car from Ford will hit the market in 2021

Prototipo coche autónomo Ford Fusionit Seems that all the major brands in the sector they want to have a autonomous car on the market before 2025. In this case, the autonomous car from Ford will hit the market in 2021, reaching the head and moving to Tesla. This model , you will have no steering wheel or pedals with those who run the ride, relegated to ostracism deeper to the driving as we know it today.

to carry out this prototype, Ford Motor Company is working hand-in-hand with four startups based in Silicon Valley, united States of America. This first prototype is based on the Ford Fusion american, best known for our latitudes, as Ford Mondeo.

Ford Fusion frontalThis action by Ford is included in the program Ford Smart Mobility that seeks to put the american brand as one of the references in self mobility. This plan is formed by four independent research, although complementary to each other.

The first focuses on the set of algorithms that the need for these vehicles to be completely autonomous. The second focused on training and reading maps in 3 D. The third area of research encompasses LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging). And the last one is focused on sensors camera and radar.

Ford Fusion frontal

This set of technologies in support of the words Mark Fields, president Ford in which he claimed that “the next decade will be marked by the automation of the car, and we will see how autonomous vehicles will have a very important impact on our society, as it did over 100 years ago with the production in series of Ford.”

To reach its goal, Ford has been proposed to triple its fleet of autonomous vehicles test. Fleet that will be completed with 30 Ford Fusion Hybrid, which will traverse a large part of the united States to refine their skills of face to be the best autonomous car of the world.

Source – Ford

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