The autonomous car from Mercedes-Benz will save the driver and passengers

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Conceptdriving autonomous poses serious challenges to the automotive industry and the society. They not only focus on solving the technical aspects and mechanics to make them a reality. Also focus on the problems that can result when the occurrence of the first accident between vehicles of this type. In such cases what will happen with the victims? who will be responsible of the damage and damaged lives?

The Swedish firm Volvo, already gave a blow on the table and has committed to take responsibility for issues that bring about their autonomous vehicles. However, no brand has jumped on this bandwagon. That is where the moral dilemma that is affecting the driving autonomously. If the vehicles decide what to do in each moment and the drivers are unaware totally of the driving, it is understood that the responsible should be the manufacturers of these vehicles, isn’t it?

Mercedes-BenzIn the midst of this dilemma also arises a question. In the case of an accident who to save, the driver or other pedestrians or drivers? Mercedes-Benz have very clear and are inclined to save the driver and passengers of their cars. This is the claim that he has performed the responsible of the driver assistance systems and active safety of Mercedes-Benz in an interview with Car & Driver.

According to Von Hugo if one of their autonomous cars have to decide between saving the life of a pedestrian or the driver, the car must save his driver. This response may not be entirely popular, but at least we already know the official stance of Mercedes-Benz in this regard. However, this stance has a background more deep. For the responsible of Mercedes-Benz the vehicle must protect what you know that you can protect, that is to say, if you can properly protect the driver and their companions, and doubt of the protection that they can have the other actors of the environment, the car has to take care of its occupants.

With these words we don’t want to load against Mercedes-Benz, or much less. This is simply a posture in a situation that will likely change with time and the standardization of driving autonomously. Recognize that it is the only brand that has gotten wet fully, and your courage is a sign of commitment to their customers.

Source – Car & Driver