The autonomous car is still some work to be sure, tell that to this user (video)

Piloto automático Tesla Model S autonomous car is the feeling of the next few years. There are many news stories that warn us of his arrival, more and more manufacturers fighting to have ready your system to the public. It is all color of roses until we see the reality in a video, the reality of the automatic pilot of the Tesla Model S that can play you a trick. A very bad past.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said that his autopilot had to be used only on dual carriageways and motorways, and only under certain conditions, such as weather favorable. In other words, that it was not a driving autonomous real and definitive, and that the user has recorded the video that you’re going to see has played literally life in a proof that the own brand called for which was not done. The driver goes for a road double sense.


The autopilot is able to bring the car by if only in terms of speed and steering wheel. The problem is, or seems to be, when a car in the opposite direction. It seems, according to the video, when it detects a car in front of it to mean a car is slow and decides to overtake. And the result is that you see, the car is pulling only the wrong lane, and the driver must resume control. If it gets to move another car in the lane opposite the result would have been disastrous.

Is a recklessness. This user Tesla Model S wanted to test the upgrade of your car that incorporated auto-pilot, but has done so in a few conditions that Tesla is not recommended, putting further risk to other road users. Not in vain, gives us an idea of how it is now evolved this technology that you intend to open a new future.

have Yet to be developed a lot of software for that the cars can be driven alone in all kinds of situations. Of time, and as announced by Volvo or Tesla with this latest update, the driving autonomous will arrive gradually and one of the first medical assistance will be on dual carriageways, particularly on stretches of dual carriageway.

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