The autonomous car of Google already has 11 accidents


When technology giant has struggled to admit it, but following an investigation conducted after the most recent incidents, Google accepted that its autonomous car and accumulates 11 accidents transit .


Google Self-Driving Car L to agency Associated Press conducted research that somehow forced Google to recognize that They have been 11 traffic accidents featuring its experimental vehicle autonomous driving. Fortunately, it appears that in all cases there were no casualties, but worried that the technology company has maintained reservation information .

The percentage of accidents is low, but Google kept in reserve.

The journalists went to the DMV USA , a body classifies all claims reported the length and breadth of the country, information that is publicly available . Since September last car Google starred in two accidents, while a car autonomous driving another company called Delphi starred in a third incident, gathering and a total of 11 accidents which such vehicles were involved. [1.99901 million]

Google gave no further details as occurred those 11 accidents during the six years carrying the tests with the technology, but say that in none of the cases was due to a failure in the autonomous cars. They also indicated that the collision occurred at a rate which averaged 16 km / h, while recalling their vehicles and accumulate a total of 2.7 million kilometers traveled which red rate one accident every 245 000 kilometers. [1.99901 million]

However the report indicates that Google would have been preferable had disclosed that information before, and now already been made public, which will provide an i more detailed nformation about how claims occurred .

The law provides both USA and Europe that at all times there must be a person behind the wheel circulate any prototype form independent, who can act in the event that the present system is faulty.





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