The autonomous car of Google continues to suffer accidents, first with injuries. Guilty: human

recently we presented the latest report (May 2015) explaining the causes and consequences of the 12 accidents involving Google’s autonomous cars. Since then, the Google Car – in its different forms, including Prius and Lexus RS450h – has suffered three further accidents, the last of which, as we learn from our colleagues at Autoblog, have caused minor injuries to Car occupants . According counted in Medium own Chris Urmson, project Google Car, reach behind 17 mph (27 km / h) have provoked mild whiplash in your autonomous car occupants. Who was to blame? Once again we, stupid human.

A driver rammed the car standalone Google from behind, causing minor injuries to its occupants cervical whiplash.

For if anything has become clear after the release of the official reports of all accidents has been involving a Google Car has been precisely are drivers who make mistakes we They lead to an accident . In this case, the Google car was not guilty of the crash, and in cases where it has itself been responsible, a driver had taken the wheel of the car, which at that time did not work in standalone mode.

The injuries suffered by the occupants of the Google car in this latest accident, which still does not appear in official reports (to occur on July 1 we will see in the next report to be released in a few weeks), are logical in scope of this type, mild whiplash injury.

But in this case Chris Urmson wanted to anticipate the official report and further clarify how the accident with a video recreation . Video is clearly seen as the Google car, a Lexus RX450h, I stopped at an intersection, with slow traffic. Google car, which circulated in standalone mode, slowed gradually adapting to the pace vehicles carrying preceded him. And at that moment, the car traveling behind him did not stop and collided with the rear bumper of the Lexus. The Lexus just suffered a few scratches on the bumper while the vehicle collided with him suffered more damage and saw his front bumper off the pace.

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