The autonomous car of Uber officially presented


last Thursday was presented official the autonomous car of Uber, with which the company wants to further consolidation in the sector of car sharing and, in addition, without driver.

The rumor of that Uber was working on an autonomous vehicle takes circulating since last year in which several media claimed to have seen circulating several models of Ford fitted with all kinds of devices under the brand name of Uber.

The model presented has not been another a Ford Mondeo. The vehicle is equipped with high resolution cameras, laser scanners and radar. With these sensors the car will be mapping the streets and creating digital maps on which to calculate their routes and maneuvers.

at The beginning, during the test phase, we will not see cars of Uber without a driver really, that the employees the company must take turns monitor the proper functioning of the car from the driver’s seat and, in the case of system failure, taking control of the steering wheel.

Obviously, in Spain we will not see for the moment these cars circulating since the testing phase has been recently opened and the city chosen for such has been Pittsburgh, in the state of Pennsylvania, with which even we will wait for your jump to the other side of the pond.

For its part, Uber maintains that the autonomous systems are the key to reducing deaths on the road. It is not expected that the company manufactures their own cars but opt for the same strategy of Google and simply dedicated to sell their systems to car manufacturers.