The autonomous car will have the help of Indra Spain

Indra Coche Autónomo

The autonomous car has become a priority for most brands in the car sector. however, making a car drive itself is not simple and requires companies that have a high level of knowledge on telemetry, optics, calibration of radars, and a multitude of other elements. For this reason, many manufacturers are betting on buying companies that specialize in them or work with them directly.

One of these companies is the Spanish Indra. This company is a multinational that offers consulting services on transportation, defense, energy, telecommunications, financial services; as well as services to the public sector. It is the second european company by market capitalization of its sector and the second Spanish company that most invests in R & D, with a figure of 184 million more than € 550 million in the last three years.

Soraya Sáenz de SantamaríaAnd now you wonder how Indra can contribute to the autonomous car? Indra is leading a project at the european level called Autocits. This program seeks to ensure that autonomous cars to roam safely and coordinated in urban areas. In addition, it is also focused on the coexistence between autonomous cars and traditional to be as cordial as possible.

This project has funding from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and the amount stands at 2.6 million euros. Its implementation has been given at the beginning of this month and will run until the year 2018. During this time, the tests will be carried out on the main roads of Paris, Madrid and Lisbon, and will be carried out with autonomous cars level 3 and 4 so that its degree of autonomy is high enough to only need the driver to monitor their movements.

With the results of these tests the project seeks to improve the interaction between the traditional cars, autonomous cars and the infrastructure (existing and new). In addition, also will serve to start the paperwork to create a common legislation for european for member countries of the Union can be put into circulation their autonomous cars.

Source – Indra